Thursday, January 26, 2012

Random other stuff---

Other happenings this year-

~Announcement on Christmas Eve of upcoming birth of 5th grandchild!
~Fun new gadgets in my craft room- Cricut Create (having LOTS of fun with this already) and Sizzix Embosser (the little purse-looking machine). Also got a personal laminator and a book-binder (spiral) for Christmas! I would love to just work my day job 2 days a week and play with my crafting toys the rest of the time!
~Remodeled kitchen. I had hoped to post "after" pictures by my birthday, but it is still a work in progress. My personal contractor/designer had that little setback in the summer (shoulder surgery). But I'm really liking all the details. The island is wonderful! I hope it turns me into a better & more frequent cook...
~I have been VERY flattered to be "commissioned" by some friends to be crafty for them: Tina S. brought me some yarn for a scarf she wanted, and I'm working on photograph-letter name pictures for Sarah R.'s twins! I LOVE this!

Things I would still like to do:

~Drive a Jeep, the kind with a roll-bar, with a cloth top
~Go to a movie by myself
~Make a homemade, cooked banana pudding (found a new tasty-looking recipe in Southern Living magazine)
~Visit/help out at Rice Depot
~See the Trumpeter Swans at Magness Lake, with camera in hand
~Teach adult literacy (after retirement???)
~Grow a butterfly garden
~Ride in a limo :)
~Re-learn how to play at least a scale on the flute

And, finally, a little thought about the "bucket list" concept. I have had people seem to criticize this, as though you shouldn't need such a list if you are satisfied with your life. My experience this year validates my theory that having something, even very little things, to look forward to counteracts those times when you feel like you are low on seratonin (that's the "happy" stuff, isn't it???). Overall, this has definitely been one of my most enjoyable years in a long time! And it's been great fun to have people out & about comment on my "adventures." I highly recommend chasing some adventures- and then documenting them for the rest of us to enjoy, & encourage you on your journey.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures and it has certainly helped me think about trying new things!!! Love you and your adventurous spirit!